Thursday, October 23, 2008

Westward Bound!

Last weekend Stan & I traveled to Colorado. We had one of our best weekend trips yet! Here is a summary of what we did along with a few pictures.

Friday - Arrived in Denver early and headed North to Boulder where we stopped for lunch on Pearl Street Mall and did a little sight-seeing including Chautauqua Park. Boulder is a VERY cool place. We then continued our journey North to Rocky Mountain National Park where we rode along Trail Ridge Road through the park. As the sun set we headed West towards our destination - Beaver Creek. Checked in at Beaver Creek (, had a late dinner and a few drinks in the Village and headed to bed.

Saturday - An AMAZING 4 hour horseback ride ( outside of Vail through (and UP) the mountains then spent the afternoon/evening in Vail. Headed back toward Beaver Creek and ended up at a bar where we met some very entertaining people and had a really fun night.

Sunday - Headed back to Denver for our departure, just kidding, we MISSED OUR FLIGHT by 3 minutes because I got car sick (several times) on the way. We took full advantage of our extra day and got to see Red Rocks Park and Downtown Denver.

Monday - A trip to Pikes Peak, thank you Delta and your crazy check in policies!

All in all, an awesome trip, one of our favorites. Colorado is beautiful this time of year. Snow on the mountains yet beautiful fall foliage at the lower elevations.


Lea Anne Hardy said...

I love your pictures! I'm a little jealous, but I'll get over it! I hope we see you soon!?!?! Miss you!

Susan said...

I'm there with Lu, just a tad jealous. Take me next time! I think I can fit in your suitcase. Let's all get together soon!!!

Angela said...

Makes me wanna go!