Monday, April 5, 2010

My Little Easter Bunny

Colt's first Easter was a hit.  Check out the pics below:

Before Dad woke up, we had a little photo shoot with our bunny ears on.  Sorry Colt, you may hate me when your older but I had to do it:

Colt & Mommy (I sort of think we are starting to look alike)
The Stabler Fam
You just cant stop smooching this kid!

This was right before Colt pulled the flowers down on himself and water went everywhere!

Colt loves his chicken that squawks from Nanna!
Colt & Dad blowing bubbles. Doesnt he look excited?
Colt fell asleep MID BITE last night.  He slept in his high chair for about 30 min while Stan and I ate dinner. Yes, please note how messy he is when he eats.  We have learned to just take off our clothes and forget the bib!


The Skippers said...

Ok I LOVE his Easter outfit! That second picture of him with the ears is great. What a cute kid!

Stephanie Day said...

OMG....that second picture is the cutest thing I have ever seen! He is precious! :)