Thursday, March 31, 2011

365 Project

I really dont think I have ANY followers left on this blog.......I've been a super bad blogger these days. I have, however been working on something way cool that I have yet to even discuss b/c I was nervous that I wouldnt follow through.  However, I am proud to announce that I have been doing my very own 365 project and have now officially made it through the 1st quarter.  For those of you who are not familiar with a 365 project......I have basically taken 1 (at least) photo per day and hope to make it a full year.  Most of the pictures of course are of Colt.  Some of Stan in the hospital, some of Colt's artwork hanging on the fridge, just everyday life at the Stabler house.  Now that I've made it official, anyone who actually reads this needs to keep me accountable! I promise that when I figure out the best way to post these pictures I will do it!!!!! Not sure if I should post them here on my blog or on our family website
Check back soon!


Elizabeth Sloan said...

I'm still here and following your blog! Start posting those photos pronto, missy!!

Natasha said...

I stalk, I mean follow! I am impressed with your 365 project, now to see the pictures!!