Sunday, September 6, 2009

Giving up Travel for a While......

Well, I'm now a little over 35 weeks pregnant and against doctors wishes traveled down to Auburn for the opening game this past weekend and also will travel to Dallas ONE last time for work on Tuesday. I'll admit, I don't think after our trip this weekend that I will be begging to go to another football game until after the baby is born. It was in the mid-upper 80's (could have been ALOT worse) but I was HOT. I didn't stop sweating. Also, stadium seating is not meant for a 35 week pregnant gal. We did have alot of fun however and I guess officially it was Baby Stabler's first Auburn game! War Eagle!
Here is a shot of Stan and I tailgating:

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Angela said...

Get you some rest girl! You are going to need it!