Monday, March 22, 2010

Baby Food Frenzy!

So far I'm really enjoying making Colt's baby food.  I've made sweet potatoes, carrots, green beans, bananas, and avocados for Colt to munch on.  I think his favorite has to be the carrots which sort of surprises me because Stan and I both HATE carrots!!!  See below for some pics from Saturday mornings batch and then dinner time with carrots and green beans!
Pured and poured into ice cube trays:
Frozen and bagged:
Ready to eat:
Down the hatch! (Well, some of it)


V.Wade said...

Did you just start making it or did you get info from a website? We have been meaning to make our own but just haven't gotten around to it! You've inspired me to get to it though! :)

Susan Stabler said...

Volree, its SO EASY. I had been looking up lots of info about it but then just decided to go for it. I got 3 sweet potatoes, baked them for an hour and then scooped out the centers, put them in the blender with some b-milk and let them puree then dumped into those ice cube trays. On the green beans i bought a bag of frozen and they "steamed" in the bag in the microwave. I then dumped them in the blender. Carrots I got a bag of the mini carrots from the produce section, steamed those and then dumped in blender! its actually REALLY easy. The trick is adding enough b-milk to make them mix well in the blender. At first mine was SMOKING b/c I didnt have enough liquid. HA! I'm not going to be crazy about not letting him have jarred baby food but this is pretty easy and i'm assuming cheaper too!!

Angela said...

YAY for homemade baby food! I loved making it for Reidy, and yes it is cheaper!

Some more options are butternut squash and pears. You don't have to cook the pears, just throw them in the food processor. I made applesauce once then realized that the big jars of all natural apple sauce is much easier.

Susan said...

okay, are you still doing this? i just read your comment on how easy it is but i need to be more convinced! i guess i just need to give it a try with colin. this was definitely not a trend with mere, but it's getting more and more popular. you can be my inspiration!
PS--i'm going to start checking this blog, i had no idea you were keeping this going so well!

Susan Stabler said...

Suz, yes I'm still doing it and its seriously easy. I've been making a few batches of a few different veggies about once a week. takes maybe 30 min and then i stick it all in the freezer and then the next day dump the cubes into freezer bags. I'm not a totally crazy person about it, I mean I bought some store bought squash since its not in season but he seems to like the stuff I've made ALOT better than that squash. So far I've made green beans, peas, carrots and sweet potatoes then of course mixed bananna with his oatmeal and also he has eaten avacado mashed up. We will chat on the phone about it but its really not a big deal at all.