Wednesday, March 17, 2010

My Newest Obsession - The Camera Phone (I realize I'm a little late in this fad)

Everyone knows Stan and I take ALOT of pictures.  We love our Nikon camera and think it really captures some awesome moments in our life.  However, recently, I've become obsessed with taking pictures from my Blackberry camera phone.  As totally crappy as they may be, they seem to catch moments when I dont have time to run downstairs and get our real camera. These are just some random ones from lately that make me smile:

Sweet potatoes from last night.
You cant exactly see the MESS that was my bibb.
Ignore the mess in the background. Mom was multi-tasking.
Such a big boy in daddy's hat.
Mom added banannas into my oatmeal, thumbs up!
At my first AU basketball game.
My personal fav: "Which way is the gym?"
At the doc waiting on my 4 month check up.
Love my johnny jump up!

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