Friday, June 11, 2010


To me, summer has always meant that it was time to bust out the bathing suits and sun screen (lets be honest, only as of late have I started wearing sunscreen).  Growing up we always had a pool in our backyard and I was on a swim team before it was even "legal" (age 3-1/2).  Until we moved (which was during high-school), we also owned a boat and lived within walking distance of the lake and about 20 minutes from the ocean. 

I swam competitively all the way through high-school and even continued by coaching a summer swim-team of hundreds of kids ages 5-18 for several years in Birmingham.  While going to college, I coached and life guarded at the health-club in town as well as coached the kids program at Auburn University. 

Swimming and life at the pool has been a constant in my life for as long as I can remember.  When you put aside all of the FUN I have had swimming over the years, I also think that swimming and water-safety is one of the most important and valuable life-skills that someone can have. 

Anyway, all of this rambling to say that we have joined a pool near our house and I have big plans for Colt there!  In no way am I going to push him to swim competitively (although don't get me started on the advantages!), but I am bound and determined to spend some time there at the very least.

Such fond memories of my Dad teaching me how to swim, I hope these are the start of some fond memories for Colt:
(These were taken with our water-proof camera so not the best quality in the world, don't judge.)

We are all greased up with sunscreen and ready to go!

The pool was a little cold, took about 10 seconds to "warm up" to the idea.

I'm warmed up, lets go!

"Man, this is like a big version of my bathtub - I like it!"

And........I fell asleep mid-play.  Surprise surprise.

Ready to go home after a fun day at the pool! More to come!

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Lauren Miller said...

I am all about the swimming too. Maybe Colt and Brooks will be on swim team together one day :)