Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Random Camera Phone Pics

Here are some of my latest camera phone pics that I think are fun:

Here was Colt on Vacation at Nanna's

Colt @ Nanna's - Taking off his glasses

Eating my morning Cheerios

Another picture update from Nanna

Here is what Stan and I were busy doing while Colt was on vacation

Back at home in MY tub!

Oh my goodness, green beans wear me out!

Testing out my new sippie cup.

This ball lasted 1 day before we lost it.

Back at Nanna's "pool"

Bubble bath, Nanna style!

If I could only figure out how to post videos from my camera phone you would all laugh and all the video of I have of Colt falling asleep in the bath, his newest honed skill of crawling in circles.

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