Friday, June 18, 2010

5 Years

5 years ago today I married my best friend.  We have been through a lot together.........dated for almost 5 years, gotten married, lived in 4 houses (Technically 3, but I like to include my very first home in Homewood since it was right before we got married), have graduated from 3 colleges, traveled to tons of fun places (in the following order: St. Thomas, St. John, New York City, Virgin Gorda, Cooper Island, Costa Rica, Vegas, St. Lucia, Lake Placid, Chicago, The Grenadine Islands, Colorado, St. Croix, back to St. John, back to St. Thomas, Boston, Puerto Rico (and surrounding islands) and tons of places in between!!!), lived in another time zone (Indianapolis), and started a family with the birth of our son, Colt.  Can't wait to share the next 5, and then the next 50 with Stan!!

Here are some of my favorite pictures of our life together to date:

2003 - From our very first trip to St. Thomas together, this started our love affair with the Caribbean.

NYC, right after we got ENGAGED!

One of our engagement photos

Wedding June 2005

Wedding - June 2005

Honeymoon - British Virgin Islands (The Baths shown here)

Costa Rica 2006 (man I look skinny, what has happened to me?)

Vegas 2006

St. Lucia - 2007

Sailing The Grenadines - 2007

Chicago 2008

Indianapolis across the street from our house - 2008

Colorado - 2008

Colorado - 2008

Stan gets his MBA - 2008

St. Croix - 2008

Family Pic - 2008

March 17th, 2009 - First glimpse at our little man (even though we had to call him "Mr. Baby-Lady" for 9 months b/c we did not find out his gender)

Boston - July 4th 2009 (27 weeks pregnant)

10.9.09 - The day we started a family

10.9.09 - One of the most fun moments of my life - leaving the delivery room after Colt was born and letting Stan and I show off the cutest baby in the world!

10.9.09 - First family picture

10.11.09 - Stan being sure Colt is secured as we leave the hospital.

Family October 2009 - Colt at 1 week old

Family - May 2010 - Colt 6 months old

May 2010 - Puerto Rico

Stan and I vacationing in 2055 on our 50th Anniversary.

Love you Stan!

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