Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Random Thoughts...

-Is it possible that Colt will have his first birthday in less than 3 months???????????? Where on EARTH has the last year gone?  Every month I do a post on our family website (www.thestablers.net) about Colt and what he has been doing the past month etc etc etc.  I usually then copy it to this blog but I've realized that is pretty redundant and why would I post the same thing in 2 different places.  Therefore, this month I'm just going to put a link to our family website so that everyone can go there and see all of our latest and greatest pictures and updates:

-In other news, we are in the process of joining Oak Mountain Presbyterian Church.  Oak Mountain is 180 degrees different from any church I've ever been a member of and this past weekend we attended a 1/2 day class to fill us in on the ins and outs of the church.  Stan and I both really enjoyed the class and realized how different it is from the churches we grew up in.  Maybe change is a good thing.  Pastor Bob called and invited us to his home tomorrow night for dinner.  How neat is that?  I'm sure they do it every Wednesday to all the new members but I thought that it was so unique and so welcoming of them.

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